Curious George: Sails With The Pirates And Other Curious Capers

Universal Studios / Year: 2008 / Region 1
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Curious George is back with all-new places to explore, things to investigate and mischief to get into. As always, he can use a little help from his friends, including Hundley, Gnocchi, Bill and The Man with the Yellow Hat. It's time to set a course for adventure with 8 new shows from the Daytime Emmy award-winning PBS KIDS TV series in Curious George Sails with the Pirates and Other Curious Capers!

Curious George Sinks the Pirates - Captain Hundley and first mate George set sail aboard the S.S. Dignified. When Yellow Hat the Pirate and his crew try to take over, they nearly sink the ship! Can George and Hundley keep everybody afloat?

Up, Up and Away - George discovers that air and wind can take you for quite a ride when he and Bill end up in a hot-air balloon by themselves. It'll take help from feathery friends to get them down to earth.

The Magic Garden - When George helps Chef Pisghetti weed the garden, he pulls out all of the vegetables too! George replants the garden with vegetables from home, but will the Chef discover what made his garden grow overnight?

Being Hundley - George is tired of being a monkey because monkeys have too many chores! He decides being a lobby dog like Hundley is much better. But when an elevator gets stuck, George realizes being a monkey is pretty useful.

Creatures of the Night - The food in the bird feeder disappeared in one night! To solve the mystery, George stays up and finds a baby possum who's lost his family. They set off for the possum's home and meet other nocturnal animals on the way.

Camping with Hundley - The Doorman takes George and Hundley on a camping trip in his hi-tech trailer. When a storm knocks out the power, George comes to the rescue with his old-fashioned camping know-how!

All-New Hundley - George is very surprised to find orderly Hundley playing and running around the apartment building. George sets out to find why and prove that this "all-new" Hundley is not what he seems.

Curious George and the Slithery Day - When Mr. Zoobel's snake, Bruno, sheds his skin, George heads to the pet store for an explanation. When he returns, he finds Bruno has escaped, and George must wrangle him back to where he belongs.

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Rating NR
Added Jun 09 2008
Production Year 2008
Empire SKU 1410223
UPC Code 025195016803
Studio  Universal Studios
Packaging Keep
Number of Discs 1
Disc SS-DL
Subtitles English


- George's Boat Game
- DVD-ROM Feature: Printable Coloring Pages and Connect the Dots


Standard 1.33:1 Color

English Dolby Digital Stereo

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